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Vincent Laforet Slideshow

Photographer Vincent Laforet really likes a little widget that Photoshelter has just recently released which allows anyone to embed flash galleries in their (and other people’s) websites.   This tool allows photographers to easily share their images – and perhaps to generate some income.  In Vincent’s case he is promoting the use of the widget and using it as an opportunity to pay for the cost of him hiring a student internship.

Vincent has posted a galley using the widget  on his site and encourging others to imbed it their sites too. You can simply view the photographs within the widget – and if you’d like, you can purchase a print as well. “For years now, I’ve been waiting for someone to take full advantage of the web and to allow photographers to better connect with their audiences. I’ve always found that traditional media rarely offer up a way for photographers to connect directly with their readers/viewers.

I think this is a very cool idea. I like the idea of the scholarship too.. To help him and a student, check it out and purchase one of his prints. He has a great deal for the first picture in his gallery, only $75 bucks.


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