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Editorial Portrait of A Photographer

Saturday night was the annual PhotoVision award /auction fundraiser event for the Photographic Center Northwest. Alec Soth was the recipient. The event was a lot of fun and it raised a lot of much needed funds for one of the only photography schools left in the US with a black and white lab, a color processing lab and a digital lab.

Alec gave an interesting talk on Sunday at the Seattle Art Museum. He talked about his development as a fine art photographer from his early days up to the present and showed a lot of samples of his work.
He answered questions at the end and discussed how he goes about making the kind of portraits, sometimes very intimate portraits. He has a unique ability of getting people to open up their lives to his camera and share their most intimate thoughts and feeling. His book Niagra was the prime example of this kind of wwork. He mentioned that not all of his Magnum collegues were as admiring of this work.

I was lucky enough to have lunch with him afterwards and then drive him to his next meeting. I mentioned meeting Eisie and taking his picture and thought I would post it here. He was celebrating his 90th birthday at the time and was still coming into work everyday at Life Magazine.


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